When function 'slips' into design

When function ‘slips’ into design

Bricks have for years been a builder’s material of choice. They’re highly functional, helping to control the warmth of a property in winter and the coolness of a building in summer, and they’re dense, allowing a development to stand the test of time.

However when it comes to their appearance, they quite often get pipped at the post by more fabulous looking facades. The solution? Ceramic Solutions’ brick slips!

Combining the durability of a traditional brick wall with wow factor, our German-made Ströher brick slips are the material you’ve been looking for.

Brick slips create the perfect façade, even when the use of real bricks is impractical. Extruded from clay and fired at 1300°C, they’re lightweight, durable and dimensionally accurate design while being – if budget is a factor – the most cost-effective method of achieving a genuine brick facade.

Featuring a look and feel usually only associated with traditional bricks, our range is comprised of 60 colours and styles, across 10 ranges. With matching angle pieces for returns and windows, our brick slips are available in both long and thin bar formats. Brick slips really do have the ability to transform the identity of a property.

Easy-to-install, keeping costs down on multi-storey buildings, refurbishments and shop fit-outs, brick slips are an ideal solution when working to tight building schedules, with the application of brick slips being much faster when compared to traditional methods.

Optimal design and functionality can rarely be achieved together in the building process, but with brick slips, you can finally achieve the striking facade of your dreams without compromising on quality.

As experts called upon by the building and design industries, Ceramic Solutions can help your property slip into a stunning new brick facade. Our products are subject to German manufacturing standards, often more stringent than the Australian equivalents, and combined with our installation expertise, result in transformations better than imagined. Get in touch to enquire further about our range of brick slips or explore examples of our facade work here.

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