The Emotion Series – Functional, atmospheric and durable

The Emotion series by Agrob Buchtal offers uniformity in colour and slip resistance. The series allows for consistently aesthetic design even in areas where flooring is subject to increased traffic, making it the perfect material choice for shopping centres and retail spaces.

With Agrob Buchtal’s customers in mind, the Emotion series was created in collaboration with architects. Natural stone structured in varying depths, forms the fundamental concept of the Emotion porcelain stoneware series. There are six colours available in the series; deep anthracite, mid-grey, light-beige, basalt, grey-brown and bronze. If paired with the matching wall tile colours, the series offers a wide range of design combinations in formats designed to align with one another.

The Emotion series offers architects plenty of design freedom, allowing for a consistent floor design wherever aesthetic and function need to go hand-in-hand. With co-ordinated colours and surface coatings, non-slip grades rating from R9 to R12V4 as well as a wide variety of sizes to choose from, the Emotion series is the ideal choice for any project.

Ceramic Solutions is proud to be an Australian supplier for Agrob Buchtal. For more information about the Emotion series or to make an enquiry, contact us on (03) 9545 5322 or email our team at

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