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Slip It To Me – What You Need To Know About Brick Slips!

If you’ve ever wondered how best to install a brick slip facade, or whether to choose to cast the brick slip material into a precast panel or to hand lay the brick façade with a sealing slurry membrane, our Ceramic Solutions experts bring you the following recommendations based on years of experience perfecting their installation!
Take your time installing brick slips
While projects with shorter completion time frames (and often lower budgets) may choose to cut corners by installing their brick slips quickly, one of our greatest pieces of advice is to take your time. Incorrect installation of brick slip tiling is one of the biggest problems we come across to remedy, with lime scale bleeding onto the surface as a result. Lime scale will make your project less appealing, increase maintenance costs and will decrease the commercial integrity and longevity of your project.
Ceramic Solutions’ installation process means no lime scale – ever! Most installations done utilising precast systems will very quickly start to look worn and dirty (as the concrete releases its moisture). By using our proven installation method of utilising a membrane, and laying brick slips accordingly, you can be sure that the project will look stunning long into the future.
If it’s too good to be true, it usually is!
If you need a quick tiling solution, opting for precast brick slip systems seemingly makes sense, with precast relying purely on the concrete of a structure to adhere the brick slip tile to the wall. However, while this may seem simple and speedy, it’s also fraught with risk.
Using the setting concrete of a structure to adhere a brick slip is not a satisfactory type of ‘gluing’ which in many cases, can cause the tile to fall from the wall. This can be quite dangerous, especially when considering medium density residential blocks are often located in high traffic pedestrian areas.
Another issue with the precast method of installation is that the brick slips are often damaged during installation and on top of that, can create unattractive lines and/or seams on the façade of the building. They have large expansion joints which are required for pre-casting, and these cannot be concealed.
Ceramic Solutions recommend utilising a membrane when installing brick slips, and method of tile laying that results in a long-lasting, visually appealing façade.
Interested in learning more about brick slip installation? Discuss your exact requirements with our expert team, who will be glad to assist you with your next project.
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