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Medical Grade Flooring

New trends in the design of hospitals and aged care centres has seen a move away from a stark institutional look, to styles that are more relaxed and welcoming for patients, visitors and staff. Ceramic Solutions offers a wide range of ceramic tile designs that enhance the medical environment and encourage recovery.

Our medical grade tiles are designed for high foot and wheel traffic, whether it be hospital foyers, walls and floors of operating theatres, toilet amenities, therapy pools, or an office environment. Our German manufactured tiles provide high levels of hygiene with long standing safety and longevity attributes.

Having many patients, staff and visitors under the one roof, and un-openable windows, it’s no surprise that hospitals are prone to odour issues. Cleaning products can also have a negative impact on indoor air quality. So, what’s the solution? HT technology – a unique hydrophilic inbuilt coating that provides wall and floor tiles with brilliant cleanliness and hygiene (with minimal cleaning effort required!)

How does it work? HT is a green technology that cleans the air of pollutants in the same way trees do; light activates oxygen molecules, which decompose bacteria and germs. In this way, HT only needs light and air to function. HT decomposes harmful odours, dust and pollutants in the air to help maintain a healthy indoor environment. The benefits of HT regarding anti-bacterial properties have also been independently proven by leading European authorities. Having been refined over the past 10 years, HT is now rated as 100% efficient and guaranteed for life.

Think of it this way; 10,000 square feet of HT tiles cleans the air as effectively as 70 broad-leafed trees, reducing the need for harmful cleaners in hospitals. An investment like HT is beneficial to the Australian health system by naturally killing germs, fungi and bacteria. Moreover, with a technology that purifies the air and can clean with water only, HT owners save on yearly cleaning costs.

Ceramic Solutions offers a wide range of ceramic tiles fit for purpose for medical and health care applications.

To enquire about our medical grade flooring solutions, contact us on (03) 9545 5322 or email our team at sales@ceramicsolutions.com.au

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