Hardworking floors for industrial applications

Workplaces are very diverse, with industrial spaces demanding a far wider range of flooring performance characteristics than commercial spaces. This reflects the intended usage of the space – such as exposure to machinery, contaminants and the requirement to provide a safe work environment.

Ceramic manufacturers have been driven to develop an extremely wide portfolio of flooring options for the market place due to the diversity of industrial applications. One of the requirements of industrial flooring is slip resistance. Slip-resistant surfaces are key to ensuring that health and safety regulations are adhered to. Ceramic Solutions utilise tile series’ from Agrob, Stroeher and other leading German tile manufacturers as they offer premium tiles with graded slip resistance, ideal for areas where fatty waste and lubricant cause an extreme accident risk.

Industrial flooring must be able to cope with heavy loads and high foot traffic. Ceramic Solutions provides a large selection of heavy duty R rated tiles from some of Germany’s leading tile manufacturers, which are well renowned for their durability and long life. With material thicknesses of up to 20mm, even the heaviest mechanical stresses caused by heavy machinery will not damage the floor surface.

Another requirement of industrial flooring is an ability to withstand chemical substances and temperature fluctuations. In the instance of a brewery, maintaining hygienic integrity and safety underfoot is necessary in the production area. It’s also essential that the flooring surface is able to withstand exposed temperatures in excess of 80°C whilst maintaining structural integrity.

Industrial flooring needs to be slip resistant, able to withstand chemical substances and temperature fluctuations, as well as being able to cope with high traffic and heavy loads.

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