Do you know how much your supermarket floor actually costs?

Supermarkets are one of the most frequented places by Australians. For this reason, it’s essential that the materials used to build them are durable. The two most common supermarket flooring materials are ceramic tiles and vinyl tiles. Life cycle analysis along with environmental considerations, demonstrate ceramic tiles as a viable and most often superior choice to vinyl flooring material. German manufacturer Agrob Buchtal have an outstanding range of ceramic tiles with a proven track record in supermarket applications.

The popularity of vinyl tiles within Australian supermarkets has grown over recent years due to their low initial costs. However, looking at their life cycle over a 20-year period, there are significant ongoing costs when it comes to cleaning, maintenance and replacement requirements. Although ceramic tiles cost more to install their total life-cycle cost is just around one third of the total life-cycle cost of vinyl tiles for an average sizes supermarket.

Vinyl tiles require a rigorous cleaning regime. This cleaning process is harmful to the environment because hazardous petroleum-based chemicals and varnishes are used. Vinyl tiles also need replacing every 7-10 years and sections containing adhesives can’t be recycled so millions of tiles end up in landfill. In comparison, Agrob ceramic tiles decompose bacteria without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, they are non-toxic, free of irritating substances, are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Unlike vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles do not need daily buffing, nor do they need a quarterly strip and seal due to high traffic. Agrob tiles are stain resistant and extremely durable and hence can withstand the pressure exerted by forklifts. Agrob tiles contain anti-bacterial properties that prevent the growth of mould, bacteria and germs – perfect for supermarket environments!

Supermarket floors are amongst the most highly frequented floors possible, so it is essential that the flooring materials used are able to cope with high traffic and heavy loads. Ceramic tiles are the best material choice for supermarkets because they are durable, and require less maintenance and costs over their lifetime, compared to vinyl tiles.

You can view our whitepaper, commercial flooring comparison for supermarkets here.

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