Cladding that's set in stone

Cladding that’s set in stone

Natural finishes, that pay homage to the site on which a project is built, is a design aesthetic increasingly sought after by property owners. However, with the cost of excavating the material far exceeding the budget of many, Ceramic Solutions have just the answer for those wanting to explore the trend.

Achieving the natural stone look has never been easier thanks to our range of stone finish cladding. Whether your project requires a full or partial solution, our cladding allows designers to celebrate stone with a natural exterior finish that doesn’t cost the earth.

The beauty of natural stone has been recreated in our range in robust ceramic. When combined with an insulation system, the cladding provides long-term protection against the effects of wind and weather – just like the Mother Nature’s material it mimics.

Featuring a Ströher hard glaze, the Kerabig stone finish cladding comes in 14 nature-inspired colours – from a rich rust reminiscent of the red centre to the iridescent rose gold tones found in natural sandstone ¬¬– that allow you to emulate the nature of a project’s surrounds seamlessly and sympathetically.

Adding flair to the façades of a wide range of projects, the stone finish cladding comes in an economically large format and is well below the installation cost of the raw material itself. The large size formats of 15 x 30cm, 60 x 30cm and with accompanying corner pieces, are just some of the advantages of this ceramic solution, with optimised energy maintenance costs being another.

With trends in design returning to nature, it’s only natural that you too will want to welcome stone into the design of your project. For façades, a natural stone finish will earth your project in both style and substance. So if the expense of the natural material was the only thing standing in your way, roll the boulder aside and clad your project in our cost effective ceramic solution.

As the installation specialists called upon by the best builders and designers, look no further than Ceramic Solutions when wanting to explore a natural stone finish. Our trusted technical advisors can guide you through the various options available to you, such as the Stroher hard glaze ceramic cladding system detailed above. Get in touch to enquire further or learn more about the beauty of our natural stone solution here.

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